• Image of Origami Orgasm (Eurorack)
  • Image of Origami Orgasm (Eurorack)
  • Image of Origami Orgasm (Eurorack)

A dual circuit module featuring both a wavefolder and a waveshaper.

The wavefolder (left side of panel) consists of two “stacked” lockhart stages followed by an overdrive. The Morph knob controls interaction between the two stages. The Drive knob increases the folded harmonics. The input plays well with any sloped wave, and is interactive with incoming amplitude changes (an attenuater or VCA will open a lot of doors). The Modulation input allows offsets to be applied, having a similar effect to pulse width modulation when low in frequency and similar to FM when audio rate. Doubles as a snazzy distortion for drums etc.

The waveshaper (right side of panel) consists of a differential differentiater circuit with X and Y inputs capable of interesting synchronous shaping, from sticky, thick ‘analog’ tones, to blippy arcade sounds, to complex FM style tones. The Y input expects a square wave, the X input will accept any waveshape. The frequency and pulse width of the Y input, as well as the amplitude of both inputs, determine the degree and type of shaping occurring.

Analog signal paths.

Both circuits are DC coupled to work with both audio and CV signals.

High quality THT components including aluminum knobs and panel with Metalphoto graphics, Alpha potentiometers, Switchcraft jacks, and through hole plated PCB.

Width: 8HP

Maximum Depth: 30mm